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Standing or rather sitting comfortably? If you are planning a garden party soon, you may well ask this question. For who has been to many parties, knows exactly that the answer to this question can decide the course and success of your party. Before parties in which guests sit intimidated or bored in the corner, it is not only the organizer, but also some party guests. Bar tables are therefore ideal for anyone who wants to bring his guests together without tipping them off boredom. With bar tables, your next garden party will not be a flop.

What kind of bar tables are there?

Whether you are planning a chic garden party for your work colleagues or a nice evening with friends, bar tables are available in all versions and price ranges. Square, round, white or in elegant black, today you can practically put together your bar table according to your own taste and needs.

Most famous, however, are the classic round bar tables that we know from bistros or stalls. Therefore, these types of bar tables are often referred to as bistro tables. The round bar tables are visually often very simple, but a lot more affordable, especially if you are planning a larger party and need more than a bar table. These bar tables are most often made of cheaper materials such as plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. But cheap does not mean bad, because these materials are weatherproof and weatherproof, which makes them very easy to care for.

For the trend-conscious, who like to spend a bit more, there are now sophisticated designs. These often include higher quality high bar tables, such as wood. They not only look good, they can also be used after the party for the living room or the kitchen.

For a really special eye-catcher, today also old barrels are available, which were used for example for the production of whiskey. The barrels made of solid oak wood look very good, but at about 50 kg they weigh a lot more than conventional bar tables, which makes transport difficult.

If you want to combine the practical with the useful, you can instead opt for an elegant bar table with an integrated ice box and LED lighting. The illuminated body provides atmosphere while the icebox keeps your drinks cool and saves you the hassle of waiting at the bar. Thus, your next party is guaranteed to be a hit!

What are the advantages of bar tables?

Bar tables are popular because they not only have something to offer visually, but are particularly flexible and easy to handle. Round bar tables made of plastic, aluminum or wood are compared to garden furniture much easier and lightning fast on - and degradable. Meanwhile, bar tables are designed so that they have a folding function. It is a lever or bolt that folds the bar table very easy and can be transported around the home and garden. Folding bar tables also have the advantage that they are very space-saving. Even if your garden room is already full, folding bar tables can be wonderfully stowed in every corner and stored over the winter.

Weather-resistant materials such as plastic also withstand cold and damp conditions, so you will not have to struggle with mold and rust next spring. In contrast to garden furniture, bar tables are also much cheaper and the number of guests is not limited to seating. So you can not only save money at big parties, but also do not embarrass if there is not a place for everyone.

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