Garden Folding Chairs

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The folding chair is comfortable and indispensable in furnishing the garden, but also for trips outside the city or days in the open air. They are produced in different materials, such as wood, aluminum or plastic, with or without arms. However, all folding chairs share the practicality of opening and closing, which allows them to be easily transported and stored in a small space when not in use.

The first folding chairs date back to the late nineteenth century and were born in England: in wood and canvas, they were used as a support for soldiers during war campaigns.

Today, the folding chair has become synonymous with comfort and intelligent use of space, as well as the companion of many adventures.

Which folding chairs to buy?

The choice of a folding chair will depend on the use we wish to make of it: to use it in the garden or on the terrace it is advisable to choose a material resistant to atmospheric agents or to put them carefully indoors after use. To use folding chairs and beach chairs on vacation, at the seaside as in the mountains, we recommend opting for comfortable materials, in the shape of a chair or deckchair, equipped with headrests, footrests or drinks holders; and resistant to transport wear.

Use in homes and offices does not entail particular precautions regarding the choice of material, but it is always necessary to look at comfort in the event that folding chairs are to be used as an addition to the chairs provided, for dinners or business meetings.

A small format chair with a canvas seat and backrest and an aluminum structure is ideal for camping, for example; while models in wood or PVC, combined with folding tables, furnish terraces and green spaces well. Folding canvas chairs, small and ultra-light, are ideal for fishing but also for open-air concerts.