Garden Serving Carts

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Trendy trolleys are an excellent choice for patio and balcony. The small carts provide enough space for drinks, magazines and meals on at least two levels. Therefore, they are also in the house as a kitchen cart a popular furnishing item. The small space miracles are usually equipped with two wheels, so that you can drive them comfortably from one place to the next. Many models also have four wheels that move easily from stone tiles to carpet on every floor. The serving trolleys can also be used as a side table for the buffet. Thanks to their mobility and versatility, they are real all-rounders in every household and can be used for many purposes.

In the kitchen, on the terrace when grilling and also at the spontaneous party in the garden, the kitchen trolleys are ideal for storing fresh food, grilled food and salads. On one level are the treats, on the second level plates, glasses and cutlery are housed. In a jiffy, the party is in full swing thanks to the small, practical car. The modern trolleys are available in robust wood, metal or durable plastic. All cars are easy to maintain, so they are always a neat sight in the kitchen and on the balcony.

Many of the kitchen trolleys, crafted from fine woods, also feature a removable tray on the upper level of the cart, making serving even easier. Particularly popular are the wagons made of teak, which are a perfect match for the teak furniture on the terrace. But also the kitchen trolleys made of plastic are a stylish addition to the garden furniture made of plastic. Many models offer additional features such as bottle holders, drawers and cloth hooks. On the visually appealing car also flower vases and other decorations have space. Here you will find a whole range of trolleys made of plastic, wood and metal in many different sizes.