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As soon as the first leaves fall from the trees in the autumn, you hear their rattling and roaring everywhere: The practical leaf vacuum cleaners have long since made the laborious raking together of the leaves superfluous. They are particularly suitable for large areas in gardens or parks and blow away paths, lawns or terraces within minutes.

This is how leaf extractors work

The leaves sucked in by the device are shredded in the leaf blower and then arrive in the integrated collection bag. When this is full, you can either dispose of the small shredded content on the compost or use it as a mulch in the garden.

Vacuum cleaners can be powered by battery, gasoline or electricity. Electric models are good for large areas because they can run non-stop for a long time. The downside: you need a lot of cables. Petrol-powered vacuum cleaners are the loudest and heaviest of all models and also leave stinking exhaust gases. But they have the greatest power and are therefore ideal for particularly laubreiche surfaces. Battery-operated vacuum cleaners are the lightest and quietest units, making them particularly flexible and easy to handle.

So choose the appropriate leaf vacuum

When deciding on a leaf vacuum cleaner, the type of drive with its respective advantages and disadvantages should first play a role. There are also other criteria, such as the power that should be adapted to your needs. The higher the wattage and the airflow speed (in km / h), the heavier objects ranging from wet leaves to small branches and pebbles can be sucked in with your device.

Also note the size of the catch bag - the bigger it is, the more leaves it can pick up, but then it becomes very heavy. By the way, leaf extractors are also often offered as a multifunctional device that allows you to both blow away and absorb the foliage.