Gas Barbecues

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Barbecue gas, the joys of grilling outdoors

It was in 1977 that the first gas barbecue was born. Combining brilliant maneuverability and good control of the heat, this essential accessory of the garden is now more and more followers. And for good reason: the gas barbecue does not require major manipulations. Adapting to your desires of comfort of use, this apparatus does not need a source of electricity, nor a regular supply of coal. Easy to use and easy to light, it is powered by a gas cylinder or a bottle of propane. Offering a new method of cooking to grill lovers, it guarantees a healthy and fast cooking. From shrimp skewers with marinated pork chops to vegetables in foil, the gas barbecue makes it easy to catch all types of food. But between different models of gas barbecue, the choice is not easy.

Fixed gas barbecue, mobile or portable?

Offering great flexibility in use, fixed gas barbecues have the advantage of being very solid. Made of lava stone or cellular concrete, they are designed to stay in the garden all year long. Available as kits or ready to install, they are characterized by their long life. It should be noted that this type of barbecue can be mounted without a building permit, provided that it does not exceed 2 m wide and 1.5 m high. Then comes the mobile gas barbecue. Usually comprising 4 feet, 2 of which are equipped with fairly wide wheels, these models move easily. Appreciated by fans of outdoor dining, these devices are intended for use on a flat and stable surface, such as a balcony or terrace. They are compact and can easily be stored in a shed or garage during the winter. Finally, portable gas barbecues are designed to accompany you in all your nature getaways. Dedicated to nomadic campers and vacationers, these cooking tools stand out for their ease of use and efficiency. Discreet and compact, they generally offer a medium surface grid. Very simple to light, they are used to make delicious grills with family or friends in the most remote places.

How to choose a gas barbecue?

- Consider the weight and maneuverability of your gas grill.

- Opt for a model with only two burners if you live alone or in pairs. But prefer 4 to 6 burners to cook for your family or friends.

- Use an appliance with adjustable burners to simultaneously cook food at different temperatures.

- Try a gas grill with infrared burners to quickly grasp or grill meat at high temperatures.

- Pay particular attention to the materials that make up the barbecue, both at the grill, the tank, the lid and the doors.

- Afterwards, consider getting a protective cover to preserve your cooking tool from dust, bad weather and sun.