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Of English-Latin etymology translatable as "guarderò" or Arabic-Spanish as "alcazaba", the word gazebo indicates from the beginning a belvedere or kiosk. A structure to be located on a hill, in a garden or a park, to protect passers-by from the elements and serve as a panoramic observation point over the surrounding areas.

It is only since the twentieth century that the gazebo takes on its present playful and decorative functions, being intended for the embellishment of the terraces of houses or verandas of restaurants, but also as a place to host theatrical performances and election campaigns, picnics and serve as a parking area for cars.

How to choose a garden gazebo

There is a model for all needs and the main parameters to be considered before buying a garden gazebo are the following:

• Construction material: wood, wrought iron, aluminum and steel are the main ones. Teak and iroko woods give a sense of stability and elegance to your garden or terrace, even if they need a lot of maintenance, given the tendency to fade. Wrought iron is a light, solid and versatile material, capable of giving a vintage touch to your home with the help of a hand of color or the addition of some floral ornament. Aluminum and steel stand out for their lightness and ease of disassembly and displacement.

• Model: the choice is based on personal taste - with gazebo with a square, rectangular and round base - or necessity - with models completely open to ensure maximum ventilation in the summer months, closed on three sides, or with closure using mobile curtain systems , which make them usable even during the cold and rainy periods of the year.

• Type of coverage: cotton is perfect for small gazebos, preferably in iron or wood and with a round base, even if it requires more maintenance. PVC and polycarbonate, on the other hand, are recommended for large gazebos and with side movable curtains, with the first material resistant to humidity and the second to impacts.

• Size: depending on the space available and the place of installation, the choice will fall on a gazebo of 2x3, 3x3 or 4x3 meters - some of the standard sizes on the market. If the chosen location is the lawn of your garden there will be no space problems; if a terrace, it might be better to opt for a smaller gazebo, in wood or wrought iron.

Before buying a gazebo, it is advisable to check the characteristics of the garden or terrace and the place where you live, as well as the chosen product. In addition to dimensions, in fact, a wooden gazebo is preferable for large and open spaces, while those who live in cold areas could opt for a model with a movable curtain to be used even in winter.

Fixed or mountable garden gazebos

Another factor to consider before buying is the use you want to make of the gazebo. If you intend to install it permanently, the correct choice falls on a sturdy wooden gazebo fixed in a single position and which requires a longer time to be removed.

A mountable gazebo is instead a convenient choice if smaller events, picnics and home parties were planned; also thanks to the lighter construction material, aluminum, which makes it practical to transport.

In this sense, there are also foldable polyester gazebos, which can be folded up like an accordion and equipped with a zippered bag that makes them easier to store and perfect for those with minimal space.