Gel & Ethanol Fireplaces

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Gel and ethanol fireplaces: functional and elegant

It is quite likely that you already know the efficient bioethanol chimneys. They have been integrated into the design of the new decoration trends, and offer models of exterior, interior and polyvalent. Ethanol fireplaces are a heating system similar to wood fireplaces, although their fuel is bioethanol or bioalcohol. Another substantial difference with respect to wood fireplaces is that bioethanol fireplaces do not need smoke venting, so they are practical, clean and sustainable.

How does a bioethanol fireplace work?

The operating system of bioethanol fireplaces is quite simple. They integrate a deposit to contain bioethanol, a fuel that, when burned, generates a large flow of heat, which is preserved in the environment because this type of chimney has no draft. Thanks to this, it allows to optimize the fuel consumption. Another advantage of bioethanol fireplaces is that they do not produce odors, as long as the fuel is of good quality. And if it were to occur, it would never be the product of toxic vapors.

How to choose a bioethanol fireplace?

- Safety is paramount, so it is better to choose an electronic bioethanol fireplace, which shuts down before any operational problem.

- Select your stove in a style according to the space where you are going to install it, since there are a variety of designs, traditional or modern.

- Take into account the dimensions of the rooms to be heated. The larger they are, the larger the size of the ethanol fireplaces to be installed can be.