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Electricity is a fundamental component of modern life. Unfortunately, there are situations in which it is not possible to connect to electricity: in camping, in an isolated mountain house, in a stand at a flea market or even in your own garden if the power outlets are too far away.

Fortunately, there are generators and portable power supplies that are able to produce electricity to use even in these circumstances.

How to choose energy generators

Various factors guide the choice between the various types of generator: the energy needs, the location and conditions of use, the type of appliance to be supplied, the source of energy.

The most widespread and powerful generators are the fuel generators, which are mainly divided into petrol models and diesel models.

Gasoline models are generally cheaper but fuel is more expensive. They are therefore suitable for more irregular and not prolonged uses. If instead you need to constantly feed a system, for example a mountain hut, you can opt for a diesel model that is more expensive to buy, but it is more durable and saves on fuel later on.

For those who want to focus on ecological energy sources, portable solar panels and micro wind turbines are available.

Portable solar panels are a very practical solution, as they are compact and simple to use: just leave them exposed to sunlight and the accumulator will store energy that can be used to charge electronic devices or power other devices even after sunset.

Micro wind turbines (not to be confused with mini wind turbines, which are instead for domestic use) work with the same principle, with the difference that the source of energy, wind, is less predictable than that of solar panels. However, there are hybrid models that combine a turbine with one or more solar panels, for a more constant supply of clean energy.