Grass Trimmers

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Brushcutters are tools used for gardening, more precisely for cutting grass, bushes and small trunks; useful to get rid of branches and dry plants, help you easily reach the desired shape for your green corner.

The types of brushcutters

Brushcutters are divided into 3 different categories, distinguished by the way they are used (shoulder strap or as a real backpack) and for the type of engine they have (electric or petrol engine):

• Backed hedge trimmers are the heaviest and largest models. They are put on their backs like backpacks and thanks to their long shaft they are particularly suitable for being used in deeper places or in slope situations.

• Also the models of trimmable brushcutters with petrol engines are quite heavy. Unlike the brushcutters, however, this type of brush cutter hardly exceeds the maximum weight of 8 kg. They are used by placing them on a shoulder, thanks to a special shoulder strap and moving the handlebars, particularly useful for a balanced weight distribution. These brushcutters are called to burst thanks to their engine, adjustable on two strokes, respectively 30 and 50 cc.

• The last type is the brush cutter with an electric motor. As the name suggests, the engine works thanks to electricity and it is therefore necessary to always keep the trimmer in charge during use. Not being able to do without electric wire these brushcutters are ideal for small gardening jobs, thanks to the reduced emission of noise.

How to choose the right trimmer

When choosing the brush cutter best suited to your needs, you must consider the use you intend to make (personal or professional) and all the technical specifications that differentiate brushcutters in terms of noise and maintenance of the engine and other components.

The brush cutter with the petrol engine is the best in terms of maintenance and durability for long periods of use. The vibrations of this type of engine are also very light, not making the days after use a trauma for the body.

Also the power of the engine and the change of its head are two very important aspects: for the first one, we must be aware that the most powerful engines are also those that allow greater flexibility and a wider range of functionalities, such as the more detailed finishes. The weaker engines, on the other hand, are considered more suitable for faster and less precise jobs.

The head can be cleaned, replaced and exploited differently depending on the model: for jobs like leveling the lawn, a nylon head is sufficient, for other more demanding situations it will be necessary to have a head plus the sharp and easy maintenance.

Weight and handles are other aspects to consider before buying: the lightness of the body and an ergonomic handle make combustion or electric brushcutters a perfect accessory even for less experienced garden lovers, thanks to the wide freedom of movement.

Furthermore, it is good to remember that, regardless of the model, during the use of brushcutters it is always good to keep 15 meters away from people or animals in the area, to avoid damaging objects or injuring someone with blades or with objects present in the grass, like stones or pieces of wood.