Grill Microwaves

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The efficiency of microwave ovens with grill

Today's microwaves are more efficient than ever and incorporate new materials and functions such as grill. These microwave ovens with grill are authentic cooking stations with enormous potential for those who know how to take advantage of them.

How to use the grill of the microwave?

In addition to heating, defrosting and cooking quickly, thanks to the microwave ovens with grill we can give that golden and tasty touch to our dishes. Use the grill function when preparing pasta gratins, pizzas, vegetables, béchamel meats, cheese potatoes, empanadas, cannelloni, moussaka, salt fish, egg scrambled eggs, cakes and a host of succulent recipes. The grill works like a grill, giving the food that characteristic toast that provides better flavors and textures to our palate.

How to choose microwave ovens with grill?

- The power of microwave ovens with grill is always indicated in watts. The offer of models is very varied, so we can find microwave ovens with grill from 700 to more than 2000 watts. More power means more intensity and cooking speed, but also higher energy consumption. Keep that in mind.

- Microwave ovens with grill are designed to be integrated in a kitchen. The aesthetic section therefore plays a very important role. Many models allow different fronts to adapt their appearance to the environment. Control this factor.

- Many extras of the microwave ovens with grill include programming and security functions. There are devices specially designed for homes with small children. The ease of cleaning is another point to consider. To optimize its use and hygiene, always choose equipment that is easily accessible and with durable materials, such as ceramic or stainless steel alloys.