Hair Dryers

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For a star brushing where to have beautiful hair, the hair dryer is as inevitable as a good shampoo or a brush. The hair dryer will be a true beauty ally and his choice is truly not to be taken lightly!

How to properly use a hair dryer?

- Hold the hair dryer: to blow dry or dry the hair, it will hold the hair dryer for a period of time. For this, it is important to choose a hair dryer easy to handle and take in hand and that is the least heavy possible. The risk of using a heavy hair dryer, ultimately risk of botching work.

- Adjust the hair dryer to the right power: power and temperature are two essential criteria to use a hair dryer, to achieve the blow of your dreams. It is important to select the appropriate power that must match your frequency of use and the quality of your hair. Proper use of a hair dryer involves choosing a power relative to your type of hair, indeed, a hair dryer too powerful risk of damaging the scalp.

How to choose the right hair dryer?

The choice of a hair dryer involves choosing a device with respect to temperatures and speeds. First of all, it will be necessary to opt for a hair dryer with two temperatures, hot and cold.

- Choose the right speed for the hair dryer: for speed, a hair dryer with a "turbo" function will be very convenient for quick drying before going to work or for a decision decided at the last moment. In everyday life, it is better to use the "cold" mode, which is less aggressive, it preserves the hair while fixing the movement of the hairstyle.

- Choosing the right power of the hair dryer: The power of a hair dryer is measured in Watts. The choice of power should be between 1300 and 2200 watts, so choosing the most powerful hair dryer is not necessarily the best choice. In terms of power, the choice is really important and it is strongly recommended to choose a hair dryer with a minimum power of 1700 watts, verifiable on the handle.

- Choose a professional hair dryer: a cheap professional hair dryer is now available to everyone! Thanks to the technological evolutions, it is possible to choose a professional hairdryer at a reasonable price. Indeed, professional hair dryers that cost the trifle of 250 euros now cost 90 euros! The professional hairdryer has an AC motor that is much more powerful than a DC motor. So you can get a cheap professional hair dryer for optimal and enjoyable use!

- Choose a high-tech hair dryer: The choice of a hair dryer with the ionic technique will be ideal to allow easy disentangling and eliminate static electricity. The ionic technique projects negative ions, during the drying of the hair and make it possible to remove the static electricity: an option to seriously consider when choosing the hair dryer!

- Choose a hair dryer for travel: a travel hair dryer can be used for any occasion, during travel or at the gym for example. It is important to choose a hair dryer weighing no more than 600 grams that can be moved easily. The power should be on average 1200 watts for fast drying of hair.