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If you have a garden or a terrace with some free space, a hammock can be the ideal complement for your moments of rest outside. Traditional hammocks consist of a rectangle of fabric that is usually held at both ends by a wooden cylinder, in addition to a rope so that it can be hung and kept elevated from the ground.

The hammocks adapt to the shape of the body and move from side to side gently, like a seesaw. Nowadays, traditional hammocks have been replaced by different versions in more modern materials and evolved designs.

How do we decide which hammock we need?

Before choosing a hammock we should ask ourselves several questions. In the first place, it is necessary to know the environment where we want to locate it to know if it is possible to be hung between two support points. The support is very important, since otherwise the hammock would fall to the ground being able to cause injuries. If there are no two points where to hold it, we can opt for a hammock with structure, which is already manufactured to stay elevated from the ground and support weight.

The second point to consider is the fabric with which it is made. We can distinguish between natural materials and synthetic materials. A traditionally woven hammock is made of cotton or crochet yarn, both natural fibers with a pleasant touch. Those that are made of artificial fibers are usually made of nylon. The main advantage of cotton is its adaptability to body temperature and its ability to stay cool, even when it is very hot. The nylon, on the other hand, is waterproof and more resistant, being perfect to face the climatic changes.

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