Handheld Showers

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The hand shower is mounted on a special connector, which is located on the fittings of the bath or shower. There are ergonomically shaped models that are particularly comfortable in the hand. A slim shape looks classy and is adapted in its design to fittings that are also designed narrow. You get hand showers with LED light, with a hard massage jet or with water-saving function. Also angular shapes are available.

What is the difference between hand showers?

In addition to the design, the differences lie in the ability to adjust the strength of the water jet. Also, the materials used differ, many models are made of stainless steel. There are shower heads that have a water-saving function. The water holes are specially shaped and push the water with a higher volume through the shower, so you do not consume so much.

How to choose a suitable hand shower?

- Is a hand shower universally suitable? Yes. The hand shower is connected with a hose, which guarantees a flexible handling. The attachment of the hose is made by a thread that is directly coupled to the faucet. The connections are standardized, so you can select the hand shower to your own taste and preference and mount it on an existing faucet.

- What features should a hand shower have? It is an advantage if you can adjust the spray of the hand shower. Some models offer a hard massage jet and a softer rain that is ideal for showering or hair washing.