Hard Waxes

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Hard wax is used to polish the paint of your car and additionally protects against environmental influences. The hard wax gives your car a strong gloss, which improves the look sustainably. With a fast processing that does not pull streaks, your car is perfectly protected.

How do you apply hard wax?

The hard wax is usually applied with a cloth or sponge, which is often available in the set with the hard wax. A special sponge ensures an ideal job, which takes place without stripes and clouds. The car wax is applied by means of the sponge on the paint, is absorbed and causes a great shine.

How to choose the right hard wax?

- What does hard wax cost? The wide range of hard wax leaves room for pricing. Hard wax is already available in the lower price segment. Depending on the content and quantity, prices vary here.

- What advantages does the car wax offer? It not only produces a higher gloss, but also gives a brilliant color depth. Many waxes protect the paint for up to 6 months from environmental influences and are incredibly fast to process. Depending on the product, attention must be paid to suitability for different paints.

- How is the application done? With the help of the often included special sponges, the wax is conveniently applied and then polished. It is important that the cloth or sponge is turned frequently. Now your car has a long lasting protection against weather and environmental influences.