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Bed headboards in exclusive designs

The headboards are essential accessories that bring style and character to a room. In general, these are timeless elements, since you acquire them to enjoy them for a long time, so it is a good idea to consider several aspects carefully to choose wisely. In the market there are bed headboards of different materials, mainly wood and metal, that give life to creations of different styles and trends. Among such variety you can always find the model that perfectly suits your tastes and the decoration of each room. In this sense, you must define which style conveys peace, invites you to relax and identifies with you, since the rooms are, par excellence, the spaces of the house that must faithfully reflect the personality of those who rest in them.

What is a headboard? What to put on the headboard?

The headboards are basically boards that are placed on the wall to separate it from the structure of the bed. In addition to their obvious contribution to the aesthetics of the room, bed headboards also provide more practical functions, such as protecting bedding and, in many cases, providing extra comfort. Also, they protect the wall and prevent the pillows from falling, which would cause more than a discomfort or startle during sleep.

With regard to what to put as a headboard, you can simply say that it is essential to place a headboard that provides identity to the style of the room. There is a wide variety of wooden headboards, whose styles range from vintage to more futuristic. The forge pieces also give you an extensive range of designs, from the most romantic and shabby chic to the rustic colors. In addition, you have fabric headboards, in the form of large cushions or curtains hanging from a bar, and you find numerous models of upholstered bed headboards, both in leatherette and in textiles with countless textures and designs. Another variant are the headboards in acrylic, light and easy to clean, although they are only used in very modern and carefree spaces.

How to choose headboards?

- First, assess the size of the room. Avoid placing large headboards in small rooms, because they will give a feeling of heaviness, while occupying a space that could take advantage of placing a shelf.

- If you want to give your room a halo of mystery, choose the right one among the dark, preferably black headboards, and combine it with other furniture and decorative elements of the same color. A slight red touch in the room could give you a Gothic inspiration.

- When you want to increase the brightness of the room, just look at the headboards of clear tones. White and creams are safe bets.

- If your room does not reveal a defined style, you can take advantage of the headboard to give it to them. Patchwork headboards or natural wood get a rustic atmosphere full of charm.

- In minimalist environments, it places white, black, gray bed headboards or in geometric combinations of these tonalities. They always look tremendously elegant.