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Good headphones

If you listen to music frequently, high-quality headphones are a good investment. Your day starts better, if you already have your favorite music in the morning in the subway? While jogging, do you hear the high-energy beats that really motivate you? Here are some tips to help you make an informed purchase decision.

According to which criteria should I choose good headphones?

First, you should consider when and how to use your headphones. Maybe you listen to music while exercising - then the headphones have to hold well in your ear. Or you spend a lot of time in train, bus or plane and want the headphones to hide outside noise as much as possible. Most headphones come with a standard 3.5mm plug so you can choose which playback device to use.

• Headphone Type:

- In-ear headphones: Especially suitable for sports and on the road, as they do not take up much storage space. Here it is worth to try out several variants to determine which headphones or earbuds fit best.

- On-ear headphones: These classic headphones are, as the name implies, sitting directly on the ear and connected by a strap.

- Over-ear headphones: They are similar to the on-ear headphones, but not only sit on the ear but cover the entire outer ear and hide so disturbing ambient noise better.

• Sound quality: Here you should make sure that the music is faithfully reproduced. Cheap headphones often distort the sound or give inaccurately highs and lows. As with many electronic devices is true here: For headphones with good sound quality you have to spend a little more.

• Noise Cancellation: This feature is useful, for example, when you want to sleep while traveling by train or plane. Active noise canceling headphones create an anti-noise that dampens the outside noise. This will make your music much clearer, as you will be less distracted by the sounds in your environment. Caution: These headphones are not suitable if you are actively involved in traffic, whether as a pedestrian or as a driver.