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The gardens or terraces are a very important part of a home, so their care and maintenance should be a priority. And, a comfortable and easy way to get the most careful and beautiful garden in the neighborhood, is to get your own electric hedge trimmer for outdoor use.

These are tools designed specifically to trim the hedges, shrubs or vines of our garden. It allows you to take care of them and keep them in a regular and simple way, without the need of any expert in the care of gardens. If we want to enjoy our time in the open air, and preserve the exterior space of our home with a healthy aspect, we will have to carry out a series of tasks with a hedge trimmer for outdoors.

How does an electric hedge trimmer work?

The electric hedge trimmers are the ideal tool for work in the garden. They are usually equipped with a current system or a small motor, a grip and an elongated and serrated sword formed by blades. This part will be responsible for pruning the leaves that we want to undo.

To use it, it is convenient to hold the appliance by the handle, with both hands at the same time, after pressing the power button located on the handle. The most effective way to use it is by ascending movements from the bottom up, maintaining a firm and balanced posture. And, although it is designed to be used domestically in an easy way, certain security measures must be taken into account.

What type of hedge trimmers are there?

They can be divided mainly into two types of categories according to their mode of employment. You can find hedge trimmers that work with battery or appliances with cable:

• The hedge trimmers with battery are rechargeable and can offer us greater autonomy when carrying out work outside, since they do not need to be connected to the electric current.

• On the other hand, the devices that work connected by a cable, usually have a longer time of use, since they do not need to be hooked directly to the electrical network, although we must have a switch nearby if we want to use it.

Which hedge trimmer fits my needs?

To know the electric hedge trimmer that best suits the needs of our garden or terrace, we will have to analyze the type of plants or shrubs on which we will work. In this way, we will know if we need a device with more or less power, or, on the other hand, if we have to do with one of greater or smaller dimensions.

The models that we can find in the market are very varied. They can go from less than 300W, to those that exceed 600W. We must also take into account the type of blades that each appliance has incorporated, and the separation between the teeth:

• For example, to prune branches of greater thickness and density, we must buy a hedge trimmer with a higher power, which incorporates a sword of larger dimensions and a greater width of separation between the different blades.

• On the other hand, for pruning and maintenance of thinner sheets, we will need a lighter and more compact device. Thus we can acquire a hedge trimmer with lower voltage, smaller separation between the blades and with more autonomy of operation.

As for the price of hedge trimmers, we can also find an extensive range that can be adapted to virtually any pocket. So we will have the possibility of having our garden or terrace perfectly arranged, without the need to make a large outlay.