Hedges & Shrubs

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Hedges are made up of plant species such as trees and shrubs, but are conceived by man in the vast majority of cases. Unlike forests, in fact, hedges are made with specific criteria that guide the choice of plants, the place where they will be placed and the shape that the hedge will take.

Hedges can liven up large and small urban areas or act as fences for private environments. Their architecture follows specific criteria that depend primarily on the species chosen, but ample space remains also for the inspiration of the artist-gardener. On the market, in fact, there are large varieties of plants and trees that are very well suited for use in hedges, gardens and bushes.

Hedges: how they are born and how they are composed

The hedges are not existing structures in nature, but are obtained from the hand of man through some procedures. One of these is the deforestation, which produces a hedge composed of plant species already present on the ground. Another is the plant, with which you can choose species based on personal taste, terrain and available space.

There are many plants on the market that are suitable for hedges. They are generally chosen in sets of several tens: for example, there are boxwood plants, lavender, pyracenta, myrtle or photinia. To give a touch of color, instead, you can choose drosanthemum, corbezzoli or magnolia trees.

Hedge maintenance

Maintenance is essential to ensure that hedges and bushes grow strong and healthy and respect the established form at the beginning. It is therefore a good idea to equip yourself with tools and accessories suitable for the main maintenance operations.

You can find modular tools equipped with a pruner, brush cutter, etc .; loppers and shears for professional pruning; electric hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, and lumber shredders. Finally, there are also sets rich in small garden tools - gloves, grubbers, scissors, etc. - to comfortably deal with daily gardening operations.