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In many European countries it is mandatory to carry at least one safety vest in addition to a first-aid kit and a warning triangle. Reflective protection can also be useful in your spare time, especially in the darker seasons. Safety vest is not the same as safety vest. There are different designs and not all are allowed. To prevent any unpleasant surprise when it comes to traffic control, here is a brief overview.

Safety vests for car standard and criteria

The tasks of a safety vest are clear. It should make its wearer well visible in the dark and thus protect against accidents. So far, so easy. When buying a safety vest, however, care should be taken to ensure the correct designation and execution. For extra visibility, it should be made of fluorescent polyester in yellow, orange or red-orange color and have circumferential reflector stripes on the front and back. These must be at least 5 cm wide. A safety vest usually has two Velcro straps that guarantee easy donning. They are available from S to XXL in different sizes, and of course also for children. Particularly practical: For cars, there are Kombiverbandstasche, which also contain warning triangle and safety vest. If you are still looking for a new first aid kit, this offer is certainly worth considering. It is also not compulsory, but it is advisable to carry a safety vest per passenger in the car, because in case of an accident all passengers are required to get out.

Safety vests at leisure

In autumn and winter, when the days get shorter and the weather gets darker, safety vests can offer additional protection for joggers and cyclists. They do not require a standard. Nevertheless, it is important that they are made of highly visible material and equipped with circular reflectors.