Hobby Horses

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Children like to play. Therefore, toys that foster imagination are always a good choice. Even the traditional hobby horse, with which children have played in ancient times, is one of the beautiful toys, with which the little ones can romp hour by hour through the house and garden. The classic toy consists of a simple handle and a horse's head, which can be made of wood, fur or plastic, as well as handles on both sides of the head. Particularly popular are the models whose horse's head is exactly modeled on the original. Even such 100 percent wood can be found in many children's rooms. In addition to this mobile game device, the rocking horse also delights children right up to elementary school age. This construction consists of a seat that represents the horse's back, a horse's body and two bows, with which the horse rocks on the ground back and forth. The rocking chair and the baby rocker work on the same principle.

Colorful horses for the nursery

Both the hobbyhorse and the rocking horse are offered by many well-known manufacturers of valuable toys in different variants. Therefore, parents already find models that are suitable for the youngest. The idea of ​​riding a horse across the prairie, through the forest and across fields and meadows is not only appealing to children who like fairytales. Thanks to the robust processing that meets all the safety requirements of the TÜV for children's toys, parents can let their little ones play with the classic toy without hesitation. Many children keep these wooden toys as a memory for a lifetime because most people associate many happy hours with them. Some hobby horses are connected to a roller at the lower end of the handle, so that these models can simulate the feeling of locomotion very well. They are the forerunners of the tricycle, the scooter and the first bike. For toddlers, the hobbyhorse is also offered without a head only with a colorful wheel, which drag the little ones behind them and sometimes push them in front of them. These colorful scooters with balls and beads make a loud noise with every movement, so that children who like this noise, like to actively keep moving. All hobby horses are therefore a nice toy for the fitness of the children. At the same time, the little ones learn many motor skills in running, jumping and overcoming obstacles.

Rocking on rainy days

The small rocking horse is as popular with children as the swing on the tree or the play tower in the garden. The children love the gentle movement that reminds them of the cradle. In addition, they can play with their rocking horse, just like a hobby horse riding on the back of the horses. Rocking horses are available for different ages, so that even older toddlers can spend many hours of their favorite pastime. Very popular are the models made of natural wood, which can be individually painted and decorated by the parents with great attention to detail. For children, for Christmas, for their birthday and for any other occasion, they are looking forward to a unique toy, which can only be found in the children's nursery under warranty.

Best workmanship - cool accessories

All hobbyhorses are made of sturdy, polished wood. The horse heads can be decorated with leather, plush or with soft fabrics. As a supplement to the hobby horse, parents will find halters and blinkers for the hobby horses from all well-known manufacturers of this educationally valuable toy. Children love accessories for their toys that are reminiscent of the real world. With a halter, the horses ride again so enjoyable. Modern plug and rocking horses are even equipped with sound. Therefore, a rocking horse while swings in the apartment also neighing. Here you will find for your children or together with your little dear the new hobbyhorse with the funny horse head and the new rocking horse for the nursery and the terrace.