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Hobs are very convenient especially for smaller apartments and apartments. With often only two hotplates, they save space and yet make it easier to prepare simpler meals. And even when upgrading a stove with four plates must ever before a new hob.

The different types

Hobs come in different designs and modes of operation. Which of these is best for your kitchen depends on the use, the space and the combination with other electrical appliances. • Heating coils This type of construction is the most commonly used type of hob. Usually, the plates are made of cast iron, but there are also variants in glass ceramic or with halogen lamps. • Gas hobs, which are heated with gas, consist of pot carriers and burners, which are usually mounted on a stainless steel sheet. The pot supports themselves are made of cast iron. By means of convection, the gas heats the pot or pan; the gas is regulated by a control valve. • Induction The most modern form of cooktops is induction. As a result, the heat is generated directly in the bottom of the pot; the hob itself is heated only slightly. The risk of injury is particularly low here. Many families with small children appreciate this very much.

The advantages and disadvantages of the different types

Of course, the modes of action bring their own advantages and disadvantages. Although induction plates are energy-saving and involve a low risk of injury, special pots and pans must be purchased for use. The temperature of induction hobs can be changed instantly at the touch of a button, while other fields may take some time to adjust to the temperature. A gas hob is inexpensive, but you will not find the right connections in every kitchen. In addition, when working with gas, always ensure good ventilation. In the point of cleaning, induction and heating coil cooktops are at the front. The induction plates are even better due to the low heat-up; when overcooking so nothing can burn.