Home Bar Furniture

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The elements for bar furniture are among the objects that are not limited to embellish and decorate the house, but are able to transform the home into a recreational space, reproducing in the style and functions, real domestic bars.

How to choose furniture for the home bar

To create your own corner bar it is first necessary to have tables and chairs.

They are available in all shapes and sizes: from classic tables with two round or square tops to rectangular, oval or extendable models, to accommodate more diners. Swivel chairs and stools, with feet or wheels, adjustable in height, suitable for tables and counters of any size.

Even the material is the most varied: from the comfortable plastic (even folding) tables for indoor and outdoor use to refined models in metal or wood, also in line with the most elegant furnishings. High tables with slender legs and long surfaces instead recall the classic bar counters and are designed to be used with stools; both can be purchased individually or in sets.

Alongside the basic elements of bar furniture, more original accessories are available such as: liquor dispensers that can be installed on the wall; wine aerators, which decant the bottle with the right amount of air and completely release the aroma; peanut bowls and other snacks and shakers to enjoy your favorite cocktails. Another essential accessory is the bottle holder: on the floor or in high shelves to be installed on the wall and also in table supports, which keep only one bottle horizontally.

Finally, thermoelectric cellars are refrigerating systems that vary the temperature according to the external temperature, to constantly maintain the wines to the ideal alcohol content. They are available in models the size of a refrigerator but also small, which are easy to install in small or medium-sized kitchens.