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Especially in autumn and in winter, you can make yourself comfortable with a fragrance lamp. A warm drink, the favorite book and a beautiful scent give the room a special atmosphere and make the darker days look much brighter.

Electric diffusers for an even fragrance

Often, this type of fragrance lamp is also called nebulizer because they emit a mist-like vapor. Commissioning is very simple: the lid is opened, water and essential oils are filled at will and the lid closed again. Through a special ultrasound technology, a fine mist is ejected and distributed in space. The steam itself is cold and can therefore be safely touched. So it does not pose a risk to children.

Electric fragrance lamps usually require a power connection. Who does not have this at the desired location or would like to move the aroma lamp sometimes, for the battery-powered models are the best.

When buying, you should pay attention to the capacity and an integrated protection mechanism. The volume and the operating time of the device are not completely unimportant.

Essential oils: It is important to note

Fragrance lamps of all kinds are used with essential oils. When buying these you should make sure that they are really 100 percent pure essential oils. If this is not explicitly stated on the label, it may be that the liquid was diluted with oil or mixed with synthetic substances.

As tempting as it is to add as many drops as possible to the aroma lamp, you should be sparing with the dosage: a maximum of three drops are sufficient to achieve a great scent result. Take breaks, ventilate the room well, and do not let the scent lamp run all day. Also on the expiration date of the oil should be respected.