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Most households are technically optimally equipped with multimedia devices, but there is often a lack of a way to secure them or shut off safely and at a suitable operating height. For this purpose, there are stands. The stands are used for mounting or as a footprint for monitors, laptops, tablets, keyboards and printers.

What can the stands be used for?

A stand is always necessary when you need a storage space for a technical device and eliminates the simple storage on the table, shelf or desk. Notebook stands, for example, ensure an ergonomic working height, and with a wall-mounted monitor support, you can mount your TV or PC monitor on the wall to save space and at the optimum height. In addition, laptop tables are necessary if the device is to be used mobile.

How to choose a stand

- Which device should be parked on the stand? For a laptop, you need a different stand than a printer or a large TV monitor.

- Should the stand be mobile? Then are laptop tables that are provided with roles or easily transported and stably everywhere, for example, on the bed, can be placed.

- Is a fixed installation on the wall desired? In this case, a wall mount that fits exactly to the device to be attached is used.

- Which design is preferred? Many stands are not only useful, but also stylish furnishings.