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Are you tired of never finding your files and papers? It may be time to invest in a file storage system. If you are lost among all the options available, follow our guide to be sure to find the storage that suits you!

The different types of file storage

Among the different types of file storage you will find:

• The box: rather low, this type of storage is composed of 2 to 4 drawers. It can be mobile with wheels, to move it when you need it, or carrier. In this case, if you place two beneath a wooden board, they will act as support for your desk.

• The curtain cabinet: traditional storage system, it has been present in offices for several years already because of its strength, practicality and low cost.

• Suspended file cabinet: this piece of furniture will allow you to easily organize and organize your hanging files. Easily searchable, you are sure to quickly find your papers thanks to this system.

• The rotating column: if you have a lot of files, this column will allow you to double your storage space.

How to choose your files storage?

There are several things to consider before making your purchase including:

• The space you have and the amount of storage you need, which will determine the size of your storage.

• The style of your office, which will depend on the material and the color of the selected storage. You will find wood, metal, and multiple colors.

• And your budget.