Ice-cream Makers

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Treat yourself to a delicious break with ice cream machines

Are ice creams, sorbets and granitas your passion? With an ice cream maker, you can have fun preparing your homemade delicacies in comfort at home. In addition to the possibility of experimenting with new tastes, an ice cream machine ensures maximum control over the ingredients: you can rule out any allergens, choose the freshest products or take advantage of those you produce.

How does an ice cream machine work?

To prepare ice cream, you have to cool the mixture at a very low temperature, stirring it continuously to prevent it from freezing: in this way, the product incorporates air, presenting itself homogeneous and creamy. The ice cream maker, equipped with a cooling element and a shovel that constantly mixes the mixture, replaces you in this tiring operation.

How to choose ice cream machines?

- Think about how often you intend to use the ice cream maker. If you plan to use it frequently, opt for a self-cooling model that is more practical and efficient. A machine without an integrated freezing system involves longer preparation times, but has the advantage of being less cumbersome and cheaper

- Consider the amount of ice cream you want to prepare each time, then choose a model provided with a sufficiently capacious basket

- Evaluate the power of the engine: it is a good indicator of the machine's performance and will help you estimate the time required to mix the ingredients. Keep in mind, however, that ice cream makers with reduced power have the advantage of being more compact and weigh less on consumption.