Ice Skates

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Ice skates are shoes with a sturdy structure connected to blades. They are used for hockey, figure skating and, more generally, ice skating.

It seems that the first skates date back to 3000 BC, when models in wood and ox bones were developed in the Scandinavian countries. Ice skates were not born as sports tools: at that time they were used to move on the frozen surfaces of the waterways.

Today, ice skates are much more advanced, made of various materials and available in many styles and colors to satisfy the tastes of sportsmen and amateurs.

How ice skates are made

The ice skates available on the market are different in materials and models, but have a uniform structure.

There are skates for sports or recreational skating, in which the shoe is made of synthetic materials such as kevlar or leather. Hockey models, on the other hand, are often made of polyurethane and microfiber, with a more robust structure.

In addition, the blade of ice skates must be concave and very sharp, to facilitate the sliding on the ice without friction.

Ice skates: which to choose

Considering the great variety of models available on the market, it is possible to choose ice skates according to the expected activity and personal taste.

There are particularly technological hockey models, with waterproof shoes, memory foam padding and easy fit thanks to the use of comfortable insoles.

Models for ice skating are often made of waterproof leather, with removable laces and insoles. They exist in different styles, for men or women, for example with floral decorations, camouflage coatings or bright colors for the little ones.

Ice skates can be purchased together with comfortable shoulder bags in which to store them or with useful blade guards, which fit most models.