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The incense is made from resins, flowers and bark of plants which, when burned, release aromas and fragrances with different characteristics and properties into the air.

Used during religious ceremonies already in the times of the Mayans and the Etruscans, incenses are better known within the Eastern tradition; connected to the element of air, incense is usually used to purify the air of negative energies and promote meditation.

In the western world they are also used during aromatherapy, to which relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties are attributed, during treatments and natural therapies and above all to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere within one's home.

Which incense to choose

On the market you can find various types of incense with different aromas and colors. Before buying an incense it is advisable to ensure that it is certified and free of toxic substances, harmful to health.

Depending on the aromas, incenses may have different properties and benefits. Lavender and sandalwood incenses, for example, have calming and relaxing properties and are therefore often used during meditation; incense with cedar, pine and bark increases motivation and improves mood. However, amber incense strengthens the immune system.

How to burn incense

On the market you can find various types of incense that require different incense models.

To burn incense sticks an elongated incense holder is needed; once the sticks are inserted it will be necessary to light the ends and extinguish the flame. The conical incense, on the other hand, does not need a base, except for a decorative factor. The spirals, being equipped with a hook, can be hung from the ceiling or placed easily on the table. The incense in granules or powder instead requires a small cast iron brazier and must be burned using charcoal tablets.

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