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The chaise longue, or elongated chair, is a comfortable and elegant object. It combines in its style different furnishing elements from the European tradition.

The chaise longue was already in use by the Greeks but had a particular fortune in 16th century France. Even today, chaise longues are ideal furnishing components for living rooms and living rooms and, thanks to the variety of design of the available models, they blend harmoniously with every furnishing style.

What are chaise longues

The term "chaise longue" is used today to indicate all the seats which, thanks to their elongated shape, offer support for the legs and promote lying position. They can have a reclining or fixed back and may or may not be fitted with armrests, depending on the model and the intended use.

Depending on the length of the chair they can hold only the legs or even the feet. In any case it is possible to purchase separate footrests for the shorter models. Some examples with a minimalist design are also removable and the cover can be easily washed or replaced with a different color. They are often equipped with side pockets hanging on the armrests, designed to store remote controls and electronic devices.

For the classic-style salons, chaise longues that reproduce the ancient form are ideal, characterized by a single inclined lateral back, and are available in elegant and precious fabrics, such as leather or velvet.

The shape of these chairs also lends itself to studies and experiments of modern design: there are indeed examples of famous brands, even very expensive ones, which are works of contemporary art made following the most varied forms.

Some chaise longues can also be used as massage beds: if necessary, the backrest can be lowered completely allowing the horizontal position. An example of a chaise longue are the outdoor deckchairs, with materials suitable for resisting elements such as water, salt, chlorine and sun.

The success of the chaise longues is so long-lasting that photo albums with captions that illustrate the history of this ancient object can also be purchased.

Chaise longue armchairs

Compared to simple chairs, the chaise longue armchairs have padded backrests and seats and details often very refined. They are absolutely among the most comfortable relaxation armchairs.

Some models give the appearance of being normal armchairs but can be reclined in several places and take on the shape of a chaise longue when needed. Among the models with adjustable backrests and footrests, the avant-garde is certainly represented by the electric armchairs. They are equipped with a remote control that allows you to lower and raise the various parts of the chair, so as to obtain the most comfortable position at the touch of a button. They are suitable for elderly people or simply for those suffering from back pain, because they allow you to raise the seat until you reach the standing position effortlessly. The most technological models also have an integrated massage function for legs, back and neck.

Furthermore, the elongated shape of the chaise longue can easily be used in the models of sleeping chairs: with simple manual operations they can be transformed into a real guest bed.

There are also long inflatable armchairs to be used directly in the water, circular armchairs and latest generation models equipped with integrated speakers.

An original category of chaise longue are the tantra armchairs, with the particular wavy design studied to facilitate the couple in the practice of tantra.