Integrated Pools

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The underground pools are the ideal solution for those who want to relax in the comfort of their own home.

The inground pool is a permanent and long-lasting work that will become an integral part of your home. On the market there are various sizes, shapes and materials; depending on your needs you can then select the most suitable pool.

This compositional freedom, however, involves more invasive work and higher costs compared to the installation of a removable above ground pool.

Whatever type of pool you decide to buy, it is often necessary to entrust the installation work to expert personnel.

How to choose an inground pool

When choosing an inground pool it is necessary to consider the space it will occupy, in terms of length, width and depth. We must also take into account the use that you want to do, so as to select a more or less oriented to relaxation or swimming.

An important factor is also the cleaning and filtration system of the water; there are two main systems, the overflow or skimmer systems. In the first, the water is made to overflow from the tank and is collected in an invisible cistern by means of gratings placed along the edge of the pool; this mode is considered more hygienic and pleasing to the eye, and is mandatory for pools over 20 meters. In the skimmer system the water is instead collected from the openings on the upper edge of the pool that convey and purify the water, and then return to the circulation through the delivery nozzles.

The construction material must also be selected; in fact there are prefabricated pools with concrete bottom and walls in steel or totally masonry, or pools with a structure in polystyrene formwork. There are also monobloc fiberglass pools on the market.

The lining of the pool is another factor to consider. The prefabricated pools can be covered exclusively in PVC, a resistant and high-performance material available in various colors. Other types of pools can instead be covered with tiles, more elegant but at the same time more delicate.

How to clean the bottom of an inground pool

It is advisable to clean the bottom of your pool once a week and in case of storms or bad weather. This will allow to remove calcareous deposits and organic dirt.

On the market there are various solutions, manual or automatic, suitable for skimmer or infinity pools. The aspire mud is mainly indicated for cleaning the bottom of the skimmer pools because it uses the suction force. The hydraulic cleaners instead use the power of the pool pump to suck up the impurities; once immersed in the pools they work independently. The electric robots are suitable for all types of swimming pools and work in complete autonomy thanks to a microchip that detects the shape and dimensions of the pool; these work exclusively with electricity.

Every week it is also necessary to check the pH and chlorine parameters, clean the skimmer baskets and the water pump filters. It is always advisable to use specific products for the disinfection of pool water. This is essential to guarantee excellent levels of hygiene and safety.

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