Interior Care

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The interior care of your car is important in two ways. On the one hand, the care is worth preserving and on the other hand, you immediately feel much better in a clean car. To gently clean sensitive materials, use products designed specifically for car interior care. Upholstery, leather, carpets and also the plastic surfaces look like a new material after a gentle cleaning.

Why is interior care important?

The interior of a car is usually used very intensively. Is your car also a child taxi and a pet van every day and does it need to bring home purchases from food and hardware stores? Then dirt is inevitable. What can not be handled with the vacuum cleaner should be regularly cleaned with suitable interior care products.

How to choose the appropriate car interior care products?

- What should be cleaned in the car? Choose between care products for upholstery, leather upholstery, carpets or plastic.- What should you pay particular attention to in interior care? Often the rubber seals are forgotten during cleaning. There are also special products for these parts of the car interiors. Where can you find the right accessories? You can also order high-quality sponges and wipes directly online or opt for a skin care set, where everything is already included.- What are the reasons for removing coarse dirt? With the practical car vacuum cleaners, the coarsest dirt is easily removed.