Interior Mirrors

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Mirrors, which you install in the interior of your vehicle, allow a good view to the rear. In addition to the original rearview mirror, which is fitted as standard in the vehicle, you can install additional mirrors, such as to see your child in the back seat or to avoid the blind spot.

Does an interior mirror indicate the blind spot?

Some rear-view mirrors are equipped with an integrated glass, which allows the view of the blind spot. Alternatively, you can opt for a model that installs in addition to your standard rearview mirror in the vehicle.

How to choose a suitable interior mirror

- Is the installation of additional interior mirrors allowed? Yes. You may equip your vehicle with additional interior mirrors, as long as you do not change the original. If you want to install an interior mirror to see your child in the back seat, this is not prohibited. When installing, make sure that the rear-view mirror does not obscure your vision and does not distract you or that it does not affect your attention on the road.

- Are interior mirrors with a blind spot indication recommended? These models provide extra security. However, they do not replace the shoulder look that you should always do before you park or change lanes.

- Are interior mirrors universally suitable? If you want to replace the original mirror of your vehicle, you should buy a model that has been developed for your vehicle. Otherwise, you may experience problems with the MOT or traffic control.