Joysticks for PC

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For fans of flight simulators or fighter jets, a good joystick to enjoy the game games ignited with no tomorrow!

Why buy a joystick for PC?

The keyboard and the mouse are not always the best accessories to enjoy a game on your PC. Indeed, it will be possible to feel the sensations of the game with a PC joystick and play any game like a classic game console.

The joystick for Pc qualifies for its flexibility and firmness and allows thanks to its integrated trigger, found on all joysticks Pc and so give no respite to your enemies for shooting games. Some joysticks for Pc are equipped with a second trigger and a function that is called "autofire" that allows automatic shooting without interruption.

For flight simulations, the immersion will be much better than a mouse. Indeed, we get closer to reality with a joystick for Pc and we enjoy doing aerobatics. Moreover the precision is better and the use of a joystick for a flight simulator is much more intuitive and the movements are much faster and precise.

The joysticks are particularly suitable for flying simulation games or arcade and allow fans to feel the feelings as if you were in the games!

How to choose a joystick for PC?

First of all it will be necessary to look at its ergonomics and its finish, a good Pc joystick must be able to improve the gaming experience compared to a keyboard or mouse or a simple controller. The location of the various controls on the joystick for Pc will have to be studied carefully, in order to play on his PC with comfort. Generally, the buttons of a good joystick allow to adapt easily under the fingers.

The joystick handle for Pc must be strong and flexible for accuracy, with a quicker return to the center. This tension is set on some joysticks and allows to adapt the handle to the way of playing.

The wheel on the base of the joystick which is also called slider makes it possible to control certain commands like the acceleration without having to use the keyboard. With the wheel, the sensations are much more present and the comfort of games will be at the rendezvous. Some manufacturers of joysticks integrate the joystick directly on the structure of the joystick while others propose another box to connect to the joystick.

Vibration is not an important criterion in the choice of the joystick for Pc, since many manufacturers no longer offer vibration mode, especially on high-end models. This can be explained by the lack of power of the vibration and especially that it brings nothing much better in the performance of the joystick for Pc.

The joystick for Pc must be compatible with your operating system and the game. Generally the manufacturer provides an installation CD, where are the drivers to install the drivers. A maximum of buttons will be very convenient for games requiring special manipulations to perform certain commands.