Key Cabinets

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A key box near the entrance of your home or business is one of those easy-to-use items that make life a lot easier.

Consider, for example, all the time that sometimes happens to lose trying to remember where the keys to the house or car are placed: a locker placed just in front of the door will be a practical way to always remember where to put them.

How to choose the key box

The first factor to consider when buying a locker is the number of keys you will need to stay. This obviously depends on the type of use that must be made of it. Who, as a caretaker, a receptionist, a security technician, must manage the keys of an entire building will need a large locker, with even hundreds of hooks. The structure will generally be in light metal, in turn equipped with a key and a lock, and it will be possible to place the hooks on the openable door as well as on the fixed part secured to the wall by means of screws. The height of the racks on which the hooks are placed can be adjusted and some models are equipped with a flexible plastic compartment in which it is possible to insert a complete list where to indicate the number of each key and the door to which it corresponds.

If, on the other hand, the box is intended for domestic use, and therefore with less need for space, you can focus more on design: there are wooden boxes with magnetic closure and sober decorations whose shape can for example replicate that of a small house. There are models without reclosable doors to make access to the keys even faster and others where the structure is even lighter and minimalist: for example, a simple rack with few hooks or small magnets to attach the keys to.