Kids' Scooters

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Choose the ideal scooter for your child

Scooters are chosen mainly according to the age of your child and his practice. You can find scooters from around twenty euros. Follow the guide.

Choose your child's scooter, according to his age

For children between 2 and 4

As you see on a daily basis, your child is not yet completely comfortable with his movement and mobility. He does not always balance. It is therefore strongly recommended to move towards a scooter with three wheels, to strengthen its balance and avoid falls. Evolve quickly to a two-wheeled scooter.

For children between 4 and 6

The two-wheel models will begin to be adapted, depending on the evolution of your child in his acquisition of balance. This type of scooter will also participate in his learning of balance. Favor a model of progressive scooter.

For children between 6 and 12 years old

Your child has good coordination and excellent balance, so a two-wheel scooter is completely adapted. This is the size you will have to watch. It is always better to choose a scooter with a handlebar adjustable in height, to allow its evolution according to that of your child.

From this age group, ask yourself also the question of use: is your child rather inclined to take short distances and walks on flat and relatively smooth? Or is it required to travel longer distances and venture into terrain of different and irregular texture?

What features should you prefer for your child's scooter?

The strongest and most reliable structure is aluminum, it also prevents oxidation. It also offers the advantage of being lightweight for easier transport.

The platform of the scooter must, of course, include a grip. It ensures optimum stability when you are running.

When your child ventures on uneven terrain and for long distances, one must seek to improve his comfort. Select a scooter with good suspensions and ergonomic handles to minimize vibration in your arms and legs. The handles are at least equipped with foam rollers to dampen shocks and vibrations. Some foams offer a better grip, as well as optimal damping.

The brake is usually a buffer positioned on the rear wheel of the scooter and allows a progressive stop, to anticipate and dose.

The size of the wheels is very important. The small wheels are between 100 mm and 110 mm, the big wheels measure about 200 mm. They can be of different sizes to improve the balance. For the first years of your child's practice, large wheels provide better grip, as well as excellent stability, especially on rough terrain. The small wheels, on the other hand, are rather intended for the children already accustomed to this practice or wishing to venture to the skatepark.

Choose a quick and easy folding system that does not present a danger of pinching. Nevertheless, if your child is a jumper, you can simply opt for a fixed scooter that offers better resistance. Select a specifically reinforced model if your child wants to venture into skateparks!

The choice of the electric scooter is recommended if your child travels long distances, for example to go to school.

Finally, the aesthetic detail can count. Some kids will be thrilled to have a scooter in the effigy of their favorite cartoon hero!

Whatever your choice, do not forget to get the protections necessary for its good security.