Kitchen Chairs

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The pleasure of getting together with family or friends goes through shared meals together. If the table presents dishes and appetizing dishes, the chairs also have a vital role. When they are comfortable, we would almost forget to sit on them as they are welcoming. This is why a thoughtful selection guarantees successful festive moments. Choose all round or even linear, provided they are well padded.

Which chairs for which kitchen?

The wooden seats have been proven, especially as you can dress them with textile seats to give them the style you like. These chairs combine with metal furniture, but they are equally appropriate with painted elements. And why not opt ​​for preformed plastic seats for a very contemporary style? Their vintage look adapts to many fantasies. Thus, you can associate them with cushions in sparkling colors.

How to choose the most suitable kitchen chairs?

- For a charming alignment around a central island, prefer high stools with a support to put feet.

- In a small kitchen, choose the multi-purpose models that will be perfect around the table or counter.

- Keep in mind that stackable versions save space if you do not use them every day.