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If you live in a small apartment or loft or spend a lot of time in the office, you may not have the space or the need for an expensive, big kitchen with all the trimmings. In this case, a kitchenette can make the difference between hearty, hot meals and constant spending on prepared meals. Compact models provide space for hobs, coolers, sinks and pantries in a compact body of 100 to 310 cm in length. Most modern kitchens are modular so you can put them together as you like. Many consist of individual kitchen furniture, which also serve as independent storage cabinets.

There are kitchen units in the set with the kitchen appliances or without. However, in the case of sets without equipment, these are often available at a surcharge. Modular models consist of block elements with drawers and compartments and a large selection of modern handles. The doors can often be converted from one side to the other and the standing cabinets with adjustable feet in the Lot. Most elements are made of MDF or chipboard with different surfaces of wood veneer or colored laminate. The kitchen cabinets contain high cabinets and those in highboy style with single or double doors to house all the food and kitchen equipment. Fully equipped kitchenettes usually have a ceramic hob, microwave, fridge-freezer with modern no-frost and temperature settings, a sink, floor and wall shelves, and kitchen cabinets. Many such kitchens offer optional extras such as glass doors and additional shelves. In some there are also flat screen hoods for the extractor hood.

The most well-known manufacturers of kitchen lines are among others Respekta and Villeroy and Boch. Respekta specializes in classic-style kitchens, while Villeroy and Boch offer compact versions of its industry-leading high-end kitchens. Together with other manufacturers of small kitchens and kitchenettes, they provide a wide selection of designs, sizes, elements and different price ranges for kitchen units that are perfect for smaller rooms and offices.