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Times change and the world of computers too. Having a laptop has ceased to be a luxury: we can acquire from quite efficient cheap laptops with basic functions, to other much more complex and powerful devices with higher prices.

What are the advantages of laptops versus desktop computers?

• They have a smaller size, which facilitates their placement in almost any space. This also affects their weight: their lightness makes them very comfortable to transport.

• Undoubtedly, its greatest advantage over desktop computers is portability. We can dispose of them wherever we need them.

• Laptops have a better wireless connection, not only in relation to the internet, but also, they can connect to other devices through bluetooth.

• Another advantage of laptops is that they require much less wiring: the only cable essential for use is the charger, since other devices can connect to the laptop wirelessly.

Tips for the conservation of your new laptop

• For greater security when transporting our laptop, we can buy bags or covers. These, in addition to facilitating your transport, will protect your laptop in case of blows or falls.

• Another important point of maintenance is cleaning. The most effective and safest way to keep our device clean is by using specific wipes for laptops, or by using cleaning products for optical lenses or glasses.

• If we want the battery of our laptop to last longer, we must avoid having it permanently connected to the electric current.

• Finally, the way in which we place our computer will greatly influence its useful life. It is recommended that we always use it on a flat and rigid surface.