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The first lighter was invented in 1823, years before the match was invented, by the German Johann Wolfgang Dõbereiner and was then known as the "Dõbereiner's lamp".

Having become a must-have accessory for smokers and collectors, the accedino represents, in its thousands of shapes, colors and models, the most useful portable object for feeding fires or stoves through the flame produced by the fuel contained within it.

How a lighter works

Most lighters are equipped with a small tank containing fuel, such as gasoline or gas. The flame is ignited thanks to the rubbing, carried out by the thumb, of the knurled wheel on a cylindrical flint, which makes the spark go off and ignite the combustion; others are instead equipped with a piezoelectric generator activated with a button.

The most modern lighters do not produce any flame: they use electricity to create an electric arc and can be easily recharged via USB cable.

Which lighter to buy

The various lighter models available are distinguished mainly by material and method of combustion.

Metal lighters are more durable and can be recharged once the gas or gasoline is used up; if made with precious materials, such as gold and silver, they can be considered collectable items as well as accessories that can be personalized with initials and drawings.

Plastic lighters are usually disposable even if some models can be refilled by replacing the cylindrical flint.

Depending on the use that is going to be made, there are also long-barrel models (suitable for lighting barbecues and fireplaces) and windproof models. Pipe lighters are instead characterized by an adjustable flame, fed by butane or naphtha and, depending on the models, equipped with accessories useful for pipe and tobacco care.

All lighters are available in various shapes and colors: key rings, with flags, monochrome, fancy, represented famous people but also with writing and dedications.