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In addition to a robust body and a powerful engine, light is one of the most important components of a modern car. Headlamps, interior lights and taillights ensure safety on all roads while driving. Powerful bright car bulbs are available in a wide range of all major car manufacturers due to the wide variety of car types, and also the companies specializing in the production of lights offer the full range of automotive bulbs. For every car from the small city car to the multi-axle truck, there are the matching lamps to find. Particularly popular are the H7 lamps, which provide with a light amount of 1,500 lumens even in fog for a good view.

Lamps and lights in the front of the car

In order for a car to be rated by TÜV as having good roadworthiness and to be able to take part in public traffic, all the lights must work 100 percent. Motorists can have the light tested in their garage before the regular main inspection at the TÜV on the annual light days. These tests are offered free of charge by most authorized repairers. Among other things, the mechanics test the following car lamps: high beam, dipped beam, parking light, direction indicator - also known as turn signals, fog lights, high beam and daylight. Each of these lights has a very special function that must be used while driving or when standing in traffic jams and at traffic lights in accordance with the rules of the Highway Code. To ensure that all lights work reliably on every trip, most car owners use branded car lamps for their cars because these lamps guarantee a long life.

Bright taillights for a safe ride

A car in traffic must not only be perceived by the oncoming cars. The following cars must be able to recognize a vehicle at any time, so that rear-end collisions are avoided. Therefore, as with the headlights, also on the back of the car different lamps in traffic duty. The car lights in the rear area are called tail lights, brake lights, direction indicators and reflectors. Also, the license plate must be illuminated so that a car can always be easily identified. Unlike the front lamps on the car, many of the rear light sources are red in color. On the basis of the light color, other drivers can recognize the driving direction of the other cars in difficult visibility conditions. All bulbs are offered in bright white. The color of the light is provided by the protective coating of plastic, which at the same time ensures the broad refraction and scattering of the light by the special cut. In all lights, the functional H7 lamps can be installed.

High quality lighting for the car

Most car lamps work with a voltage of 12 volts. They are powered by the car battery. All commercially available bulbs for cars are tested and approved as a standard model by the TÜV, so that motorists can rely on the quality of the lamps in the automotive sector. Some manufacturers also offer lamp sets for the vehicles. As a rule, bulbs are changed for uniform luminosity on both the right and left sides. These sets are often offered in hard boxes, so that the lamps are protected from all damage, even during prolonged storage. Single lamps in simple packages for direct installation are also available. The bulbs and the modern H7 bulbs can be easily exchanged in the garage at home. After the removal of the transparent plastic parts, the car lamps are replaced like normal household lamps and the plastic protection is reinstated. Since all lamp cables are well insulated, even older models can be replaced safely against the bright H7 lamps. Especially popular with frequent travelers are the so-called Nightbreakers, who make the night brighter than the day with their luminosity of 130 percent. Here you will find all the automotive bulbs that you need for a safe journey by car through the city and on land in all weather conditions.