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It is our custom to fill our houses with utensils and decorative elements that sometimes cease to be useful and occupy too much space. That is why it is important to correctly choose the furniture with which we will decorate our home. One of the furniture that has taken great importance in the current home model is the living room tables. Its main function is to serve as a base to rest objects that should be within our reach, do work activities or serve as a table to eat.

What are the advantages of owning a living room table?

First, versatility. They are smaller than a dining table, they can be easily transported and we can change them according to the function we want to give them. Therefore, this type of table will not hinder the passage between sofas and corridors.

In addition, they can bring a touch of design and charm to our home. We can find tables of very different materials and different styles, designed to decorate any of our rooms.

What kinds of tables are there?

There are many types of living room table, but we can differentiate the following:

• Auxiliary tables: One of the most common table types. They are placed on the sides of the sofas or near the dining tables. This furniture is ideal for storing the controls of television and other electronic devices such as a landline. We can also refer to them as coffee tables, since they are also used to rest the teapots or coffee pots when the after-dinner is extended after a meal or social gathering. The auxiliary lounge tables are the most evolved aesthetically and are usually made with very modern designs to match the rest of furniture in this space.

• Coffee tables: They are usually placed in the center of the room and are surrounded by sofas or armchairs, depending on the available free space. They are extremely useful for placing baskets, centerpieces, candles and other decorative elements. Also, it is very common for this kind of table to be manufactured with several drawers or shelves, ideal for storing books, magazines or photo albums. They can be found from traditional wooden designs to updated versions of lighter materials, such as steel or other metals.

• Living room tables for lamps: You can find larger or smaller according to the dimensions of your lamp. They are perfect to place next to the sofa, and very useful to carry out activities such as reading, or simply to better light your room when you have guests or you are watching television.

• Lounge tables for coffee: They are usually lower tables that you can find round or rectangular, with wheels or without wheels.

• Living room tables: Small tables and, normally, high tables that add an elegant touch to the empty corners of your home.

• Nest tables: These are tables that are bought by groups and are superimposed by size or staircase. A larger table picks up one or two smaller tables below, which can be extended to maximize its function.

• Folding tables: Tables that can be folded in half to be collected or stored in any cupboard or dresser. In addition, its legs have been redesigned to be able to get as close as possible to the user.

The price range is usually equally affordable in all classes, unless it is a piece of designer or an antique, in this case the cost would be much higher.

In short, a lounge table is one of the most versatile furniture that can be found in the market being, in addition, easy to transport and easy to assemble.

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