Living Room Wall Units

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Inserting in the house a wall equipped with various shelves and shelves, satisfies every need of space and allows you to show off your hobbies and passions.

Each house becomes special through the furnishings and objects you choose to decorate it: the equipped wall is one of the ways to personalize your room as you wish.

The shelves that make up the equipped walls make the living room or kitchen more welcoming, tidy and linear: every object has its place, everything that is used daily is close at hand while the rest is ordered and stored in the numerous rooms available.

The equipped walls allow to associate and expose various elements that usually cannot be combined in a uniform way, such as electronic equipment, books, glasses, photographs, travel souvenirs or collections. The TV set is therefore placed on a simple cabinet, the memories in frame or the favors can be put on display like in a small museum and the service of party plates can be placed in a chest and used only when needed.

Which style to choose for wall fixtures

Wall fixtures can be traced back to two main styles, the classic and the modern.

In the past, the equipped walls were associated with voluminous furniture, with heights that could reach the ceiling. According to the latest trends, the elements that make up the walls are functional and ergonomic and can be inserted in any room.

The classic models are embellished with solid wood, while the more modern and current style presents details in transparency and suspended furniture, which make the installations light and airy.

At the same time, the blocks of these compositions can vary in height, position and size.

Some models also have additional features such as accompanied drawer closing or functional lighting, which reduces eye strain when watching television or playing video games.

The compositions are usually standard, however in some cases it is possible to rearrange the blocks in a different way, changing the atmosphere of the room according to one's needs.

How to install a suspended unit

The main element to pay attention to when designing an equipped wall is the way it is secured to the wall. The shelves must in fact be fixed with care, straight and safe. Here are the instructions to follow to hook up your equipment successfully:

• Start from a corner, drawing a line at the height where you want to place the lower part of the suspended unit with a pencil and a pencil.

• Check the positioning using a spirit level.

• At the rear of the element, there are hooks to hang it or to connect it to the bracket on the wall. Measure the distance between the hooks and the various sides of the unit using a meter.

• Use these measurements to mark on the wall where you want to place the hooks.

• Use the brackets as a guide to mark the exact location of the screw holes.

• Create the holes with a drill and screw the brackets into place.

• Place the block gently over the brackets and lower it so that the hooks attach to the wall brackets.

• To ensure that the equipment is straight, use the level and adjust the adjustment block with a screwdriver if necessary.

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