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What the guitar is to us today was the mandolin for people in the 17th century. Some famous composers such as Vivaldi, Handel, Beethoven or Mozart even wrote pieces especially for this classical stringed instrument. The mandolin was invented in Italy, later it became a real fashion instrument, especially in Paris and Vienna. In the 20th century, it was very popular with contemporary composers and folk musicians, as well as celebrity stars such as Mike Oldfield, R.E.M. or Nick Cave used the instrument every now and then. When next on the radio is the well-known song 'Losing my Religion' by R.E.M. play, then pay attention to whether you can hear the mandolin!

Is there a difference between mandolin and guitar?

As a layman, you probably think that there is not much difference between a guitar and a mandolin, and that someone who can play one instrument automatically gets along with the other. Wrong thought! A guitar has 6 strings, a mandolin four string pairs, where always two adjacent strings are tuned the same. The type of tuning is the next difference, because the mandolin is tuned like a violin and not like a guitar. Last but not least, the way of playing differs. The fingering of the mandolin corresponds to that of the violin. In addition, you can only play with a plectrum, while the guitar still various other techniques are possible. It is therefore much more flexible in the game and is better for improvising. Some musicians recommend learning guitar first and then trying on the mandolin.

How Expensive is a Mandolin?

There are two very different reasons why someone wants to buy a mandolin: some want to play, the others collect it. Historic mandolins are indeed a popular collector's item, especially if they come from well-known instrument makers. The old pieces are beautiful to look at and can have a high art historical value, which is then reflected in the purchase price, however.

A little cheaper are those who want to buy the instrument to play on. Cheap models are already available for less than 100 euros. However, they are mainly suitable for beginners who want to try out first. If you want to remain loyal to your mandolin and elicit beautiful sounds, it should already be of better quality. Such an instrument starts at about 500 euros.

What is there to consider when buying a mandolin?

In order to find the most suitable mandolin for you, it is always recommended to go to a music store and try different models. How does the mandolin feel? Do you like the sound? And tells you the optics? These are questions that you can answer much better on the ground in a store than if you were just looking around the internet. Alternatively, you can of course order different models online, have them sent and try them at home. Usually the sellers offer a right of return, so you can easily return the instruments. If you have a large enough budget, it is advisable to visit a mandolin farmer - there you are guaranteed to find the best quality you can wish for.

Before buying, you should also decide which type of mandolin you want to have, because there are several variants! The classic, known as Neapolitan Mandolin, is handmade from wood and has a glued, bulbous body. Modern instruments are much flatter and look more like a guitar or violin. Especially in the US, the bluegrass mandolin is popular, which is mainly played on country songs.