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Until well into the 20th century, mattresses for the bed used to be wool. Maybe you are very young and do not know or do not remember the figure of the mattress, who with his curious curved needles was a craftsman present and necessary in everyday life. Technology has advanced rapidly since then, and today you can find a varied and interesting mattress offer.

Several factors intervene in it; among them, a wide range of materials, a level of quality that is granted based on their characteristics and price diversity. The offer of mattresses is so wide that, normally, choosing mattresses for beds is far from being a simple task. Below you will find details of interest and a small guide to help you discover which bed mattresses are ideal for you.

Which mattress is better, springs or foam?

It is a good question, since the wide offer of mattresses includes numerous articles with these types of constitution. With regard to mattresses for springs or spring beds, it is possible to find elements of different characteristics and at different price scales. There is an offer of mattresses integrated by structures of independent springs, continuous springs and pocket springs.

These variants offer good ventilation and, sometimes, have a summer surface and a winter one. The independent and continuous springs are cheaper than the bagged, although this type of mattresses for bed offers great durability. On the other hand appears the offer of polyurethane foam mattresses, very broad and with multiple features. The material of these mattresses for bed resembles a cake with infinity of small bubbles of air. The higher the number of bubbles per square meter, the greater your density and the more consistent you will feel.

Therefore, if you have to buy mattresses for small children or for occasional guests, you can choose from the offer of mattresses with a density of less than 35 kilograms per square meter, generally economic and functional. It is possible to consider another option, which is the offer of latex foam mattresses. There is natural (rubber), synthetic (petroleum derivative) and mixed latex. They are firm, flexible and durable, although they are not light or cheap.

How to choose between the offer of mattresses the best for you?

- If you move a lot while you sleep, you should evaluate the mattresses for bed more firm and dense, such as latex foam.

- In the event that you suffer from heat or in your place of residence high temperatures are common, check out the offer of spring mattresses or springs.

- When, on the contrary, you need warmth to sleep comfortably, bet on mattresses for bed made of foam, polyurethane or latex, so-called viscoelastic, which add a cover whose technology helps to conserve heat better.

- Consider your most frequent position to sleep. If you usually rest on your back, then choose one of the mattresses for bed with greater firmness. When you find more comfort on the side, select yours from the offer of mattresses of medium hardness.

- Your physical constitution also influences the choice of bed mattresses. People of considerable weight need mattresses of greater consistency and higher, while those of light weight should bet on flexibility as the main feature of the mattress.