Meat Grinders

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Who knows what you would like to thank the legendary baron Karl Drais, if for the invention of the first bicycle or for that of a useful meat grinder. Surely if you love hamburgers and homemade meatballs and you can recognize the rich and fragrant taste of a good ground, its less famous creation could be for you. Ready to taste the emotions of the kitchen of the past?

How the meat grinder works

The meat grinder is composed of a central body comprising a cylindrical chamber with two openings: in the upper one you can insert your favorite meat, cut into small pieces, and in the lower one, also called the mouth, you will see an inviting ground come out. To get to this result, the meat grinder uses a propeller placed inside the chamber, which pushes the pulp, meanwhile chopped by a sharp knife, towards a special perforated plate. If you choose a manual model, you will have to operate the procedure by turning the crank handle. In the automated versions, on the other hand, the work is carried out by an electric motor, which can quickly chop large quantities of food.

How to choose the meat grinder

- First decide whether to opt for a manual or motorized product

- Evaluate the robustness, assured for example by stainless steel plates and knives

- If you have little space in the kitchen, choose a compact model

- Consider not only the perforations of the discs, which determine the grain of the grinding, but also accessories such as any bases to clamp, pack sausages, tomato-squeezers and utensils to prepare the kibbeh

- If you need to grind meat in quantity or with ribs, select an electric meat mincer with at least 500 watts of power

- For easy cleaning, aim at appliances with blades and detachable elements

- If you prefer, to chop the meat you can also use the classic chopsticks, which chop in a few seconds any type of food