Men's Electric Shavers

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Shaving is a practice as old as humanity: prehistoric men already used flints and sharp shells, then replaced by metal blades.

An epochal technological leap, however, took place only in the 30s of the twentieth century, when a former US official, Jacob Shick, invented the electric razor. The idea would come to him in Alaska, for the need to shave without using the frozen water of the place.

Since then the razor models produced have been many and today there is a wide choice for those who want to shave quickly and without the risk of cutting themselves.

How to choose the electric shaver

There are basically three types of electric razor.

• A lamina: the external laminae direct the hairs towards an internal and perforated blade, which makes the cut. It allows a deep shave already in the first pass, but less effective in the most difficult points.

• Rotating head: the blades are arranged inside 3 (or 2) circular heads. In the most modern models the heads are articulated to adapt more easily to the shape of the face and reach even the most difficult parts. But shaving is slower.

• A sonic engine: evolution of the foil one. In this case, a motor creates micropulses transmitted to the moving head, which makes a faster and more precise cut.

In the past, men with sensitive skin were reluctant to use the electric razor: dry shaving in fact caused the risk of irritation. Today, however, there are many "Wet & Dry" models, which can be used on wet skin and with shaving creams and gels. There are also razors that release a gel during shaving and which can also be used in the shower.

So, budget, time available for shaving and skin sensitivity are criteria to be taken into consideration before purchase. But there is also another: the availability of spare parts, such as blades and heads. A razor for which these pieces are easily found is in fact longer-lived.