Men's Pocket Watches

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Pocket watches for men: elegance and distinction

Pocket watches, contrary to what many people think, are not outdated. In fact, they are complements that, integrated into the look of people who want to stand out for their elegance and good taste when dressing, are a really interesting detail. In fact, when combined with pendants, bracelets and chains of precious metals, they create very original and daring harmonic sets. In addition, they offer a very advanced degree of personalization, which provides the opportunity for each one to adapt it to their preferences.

How to put a pocket watch in the vest?

Undoubtedly, vests are garments that lend themselves perfectly to the use of pocket watches. In this sense, if you want to know how to put it on, pay attention. The ideal is that, next to the watch itself, you have a chain that at one end joins it and, at the other, has a hook to grab it to the pocket of the garment. Then, you have to introduce it inside allowing that chain to stick out and fall a little on the outside. In this way, in addition to wearing it and having it always at hand, you will not lose it.

How to choose pocket watches?

- With string or with batteries? The most classic pocket watches have a traditional rope system that, while it is true that is not as comfortable as batteries, provide greater strength and durability to the mechanism.

- Keep in mind the style. Choose a model whose style responds well to your personal tastes so that later you are willing to use it at any time.

- That includes the chain. In this way, you will not have to look for it, find it and buy it separately.