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Not only when summer is approaching, the glasses come to light. Sunglasses are no longer intended for the protection of the eyes. They have become a fashion accessory and are no longer just to be found in every car or on the beach, they even appear in nightclubs. But apart from the image and fashion effects, the actual purpose of course does not last. The light transmission to the eyes should be reduced to protect the wearer from the often harmful effects of sunlight. There are sunglasses in different shades. This determines what percentage of visible light is transmitted to your eyes and darkens the environment for you. So your vision can be increased in glaring or dazzling light. However, if it is too strong, the opposite is true. Of course, this can lead to problems, especially on the road. So be careful. Even if a particularly dark sunglasses, of course, the consequences of the previous evening best hidden.

Which sunglasses are right for me?

Sunglasses are endlessly many variants and shapes. How should it be decided which model suits you best? This mainly depends on the shape of your face. Therefore, we have put together a short list of variants that you can wear well. As a principle you should always keep in mind that the shape of the glasses should not be too similar to the face.

If, for example, you have a heart-shaped face with a broad forehead and a narrow chin, then round and oval sunglasses are especially good for you. These bring your face in line. Not recommended are models in drop form.

In a rather rounded face, on the other hand, angular variations create a good contrast. Through them, the contour is a little narrower. Again, round shapes are not an advantage as they are too similar to the face, making it look wider.

If your face is rather angular and has severe features, then you can hide them with round sunglasses or models in drops. Even rimless eyeglass frames come into their own. You should avoid square glasses.

If your temple area is narrower than your chin, then you have a trapezoidal face. In this case, models whose frames are wider towards the top will be especially good. Again, the drop-shaped form does not fit.

If you have not yet recognized each other and a rather oval face, then you can only be congratulated. This means that you have almost all sunglasses and you have the free choice.

How are sunglasses properly stored and cleaned?

Sunglasses have to struggle with some stubborn dirt. Sand and sun oil can be among these. If this is the case, you should not use your microfibre cloth, as you may scratch the glasses. First, rinse the model under running water, allow the sunglasses to air dry, and then clean them with the cloth. In this you can wrap the glasses and then store case. So it is perfectly stored.

What do I have to consider when buying sunglasses?

The most important thing when choosing sunglasses is and remains the protection. You should make sure that the selected model offers a corresponding UV protection, which you can recognize by the CE mark. In addition, a protection factor up to the ultraviolet range is recommended. In addition, the selected model should be appropriate. After all, sunlight can not only enter your eyes from the front. It comes from all sides. Therefore, sunglasses should always be big enough and should be close to the eyebrows as well as the sides with the skin.