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Choose your watch to be ahead of your time

A men's watch is not just a utility item for busy people who always need to know the hour to the minute. It discreetly expresses your personality and makes you unique. That's why the range of watches is extremely varied: sports or luxury watches, smartwatch, analog, digital or quartz: all accessories for all types of men. Whether you're dandy or jet-setter, whether you're wearing a sportswear or more classic look, you'll find the watch that's right for you. If time is money, choosing a watch is already profitable.

What watch for sportsmen?

Athletes will prefer a tight-fitting watch (10 ATM or more). Some models incorporate various timing systems, a barometer, an altimeter and / or a thermometer. There are also GPS technology watches, which measure distance and heart rates, have downloadable memory for training, a hands-free chronograph, alerts for speed or training mode. Some even have a heart rate timer, a countdown timer and up to five audible alarms. To track your progress, you can also calculate your fat mass and muscle mass.

Connected watches have the advantage of adapting to all styles and giving you access to the Internet. They are perfectly adapted to travelers since they allow you to consult at any time your e-mails, Facebook pages or SMS. Some of them automatically change their time zone and are multilingual. Skiers, swimmers and hikers will particularly appreciate these smart models that can indicate the conditions of surfing and snow in real time, as well as the weather report. Others are equipped with remote cameras. The icing on the cake: The connected watch ensures the monitoring of your health through features such as sleep analysis, heart monitor, pedometer and anti-sedentary mode.

The type of bracelet is also important. When you play sports, you sweat and some materials like plastic end up dragging the wristwatch. Leather is undoubtedly the most suitable material, just like titanium.

How to choose your watch?

- Opt for a waterproof men's watch that you will not need to remove if you go to the beach.

- If you are sporty, prefer a model with stopwatch that will allow you to control your performance.

- Choose a watch with a scratch-resistant dial, especially if you have children or if you are not very cautious.

- Set your sights on a connected version providing information on flights, road safety or weather reports: this choice will be very useful if you go on vacation.

- Make sure the watch has an audible alarm that can be useful in all circumstances.

- Make sure the model you want is resistant to fading and staining so the dial does not get dull and loses its luster.

- Opt for a flexible bracelet that will be more comfortable to wear.