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First of all, consider that a simple microscope is a device that has an ocular lens, where you place the eye to observe the augmented image of different objects. The barrel is the hollow metal tube that holds the ocular lens and the objective lenses of the microscope, which are contained in the revolver. That does not miss the screw macrometric, responsible for zooming in or out the image of the object, and the micrometer screw, because it allows you to refine the image to achieve greater clarity. Of course, if you want to see inside pipes and other hollows, you should buy an endoscope, and if you want to observe distant objects, nothing better than a telescope or binoculars.

What microscopes are there?

The most common model is the compound microscope. His method of illumination, visible light, provides a limited increase and, therefore, is only valid to observe transparent objects or cut into thin sheets, which allow light to pass through them.

The stereoscopic microscope, on the other hand, allows a three-dimensional vision of objects. For this it uses two eyepieces and two objectives. It is used to observe relatively large objects, so it only requires increases of 4X and 40X to 60X. It is useful in botany, medicine, mineralogy and dissections, among other fields.

How to choose a microscope?

- A basic microscope is ideal for children and adolescents to use in their studies.

- If you need to analyze transparent biological elements, without pigmentation and impossible to see with natural light, opt for a dark field microscope.

- Keep in mind that to observe living cells a phase contrast microscope is necessary.